Killzone: Shadow Fall has Gone Gold, Tearaway Gold in “1/3 Regions”

If you were still worried about the status of Killzone: Shadow Fall following the DriveClub and Watch Dogs delays – even following Guerrilla’s confirmation last week – you can rest assured that it will release on November 15th/29th as the game has officially gone gold.

The news comes via tweets from Game Director Steven ter Heide who said, “#Killzone #ps4 gold,” Executive Producer Angie Smets who exclaimed, “We are gold!,” Lead Designer Eric Boltjes who doubly exclaimed, “Gold!!,” and the Guerrilla Games Facebook Page, which said, “Pop the champagne! Killzone: Shadow Fall has gone gold!”

Following their own lead, they did pop the champagne:


Joining Killzone: Shadow Fall in going gold today is Tearaway, which went gold in 1/3 regions. Tearaway releases for the PS Vita in just over a month.

Are you more excited for Killzone: Shadow Fall or Tearaway? Let us know in the comments below.

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