Mark Cerny Would “Love” to be Creative Director on a Knack Sequel, Depends on First Game’s Success

When November 15th/29th rolls around, it will mark a huge load off Mark Cerny’s shoulders, with the PS4 and PS4 launch title Knack – both of which he helped to create – hitting store shelves.

After both of those release, it remains to be seen exactly what Mark will be doing (PS5, anyone?), but as he told GameSpot, working on another Knack would be in the cards:

Knack’s a very interesting character, I’d love to keep working with him, but really we all need to see what the appeal of this first game is. Going forward, I’d love to be creative director again. That was a lot of fun.

If it isn’t Knack 2 he works on next though, Cerny talked about what else he’d be in for:

There’s always a great variety of games that would be nice to work on. I enjoy games for more adult audiences, and recently there’s been this trend towards smaller games, and that seems like it might be a nice break from the larger projects, such as Knack or the hardware itself, where hundreds and hundreds of people were needed to put it together.

For me, one of the big appeals of PlayStation is the variety of experiences available to the gamer. These days, they are games done by indies as a labor of love, but they are going to bring that same dimension to PlayStation 4 that we had on the original PlayStation.

What do you think Mark Cerny will be doing after the PS4 launches? Sleeping? Taking a Maui vacation with Shuhei Yoshida? Let us know in the comments below.