PS6 Console Design

Rumor: PS6 Console Design Will Be Led by PS5’s Mark Cerny

Several rumors about the PS6 console design being headed by Mark Cerny have been swirling around these past two weeks. Most of these rumblings stem from a new patent by Cerny that describes a method to accelerate ray-tracing on a PS5, though further analysis suggests that this might be for the PS6 instead.

This PS6 console rumor is an educated guess at the very least

Several users on Twitter have shared rumors that Cerny is leading the design for the PS6. PS6Countdown says in a tweet that Cerny is working hard on the PlayStation brand which is “likely to be the PS6,” while another user says he heard pretty much the same from a trusted source. That said, we recommend taking these rumors with a few grains of salt.

A more substantive deduction comes from Digital Foundry’s “Dictator” on Resetera, who clarifies that Cerny’s patent is not based on hardware on PS5. He writes that the patent has “an RT unit like Intel or NV which PS5 and AMD do not have in any released hardware. This is for a future PlayStation iteration probably.” This “iteration” could be in reference to a PS6 or perhaps a PS5 Pro/Slim.

Even if this rumor turns out to be hogwash, it does make logical sense. Cerny was the lead system architect for the PS4, PlayStation Vita, and PS5, so giving him a lead role on the PS6 wouldn’t be all that surprising.

The PS6 release date will be after 2027, according to Sony documents. The Last of Us 3 is also rumored to have “PlayStation 6 in mind.”