PS6 Release Date

PS6 Release Date Will Be After 2027, Suggests Sony Document

Sony has scheduled the PS6 release date to be after 2027, according to a newly released, partially-redacted document from the company. The once confidential document is now available to the public for perusal as part of a continued probe by the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) on the pending Microsoft Activision deal, an investigation that Sony said it “welcomes” back in September.

PS5 looks to have at least a seven-year lifecycle

The full document is rather lengthy at around 22 pages, but a paragraph at the start of Page 8 notes that Sony claims Microsoft had “offered to continue making Activision’s games available on PlayStation only until 2027.” Further on, it continues:

By the time SIE launched the next generation of its PlayStation console (which is likely to occur around [redacted]), it would have lost access to Call of Duty and other Activision titles, making it extremely vulnerable to consumer switching and subsequent degradation in its competitiveness.

While the exact year Sony plans to release the PS6 has been redacted, a little deduction from these two pieces of information suggests that the PS6 release date will be some time after 2027.

This would mean that the PlayStation 5 already looks like it will have a healthy lifecycle of at least seven years. Given that the PS5 launched seven years after the PS4, a 2027 release date for the PS6 would be par for the course really.