PS4 Pro HDR gaming

Sony’s Mark Cerny Says They Were “Thinking About the New Console Pretty Much as Soon as PlayStation 4 Shipped”

After the PS4 Pro reveal yesterday afternoon, Lead Systems Architect Mark Cerny admitted that Sony has been working on the PlayStation 4 Pro right after the original PS4 released. The PlayStation 4 released nearly three years ago in November 2013.

We actually started thinking about the new console pretty much as soon as PlayStation 4 shipped. 

It was clear that during this generation 4K TV penetration would become pretty significant at some point, and we wanted to see if we could get something out there in the market to support it. Once we realized that the increased processing power that was necessary for 4K could be used to make the graphics better on HDTV as well, the PS4 Pro simply became a must do.

When asked about the HDR support, especially since not many HDR TVs are leaving shelves, Cerny said that HDR did have a long ways to go. That said, he still thinks there are strong benefits to releasing the PS4 Pro now with HDR support, one of which being greater support for PSVR and its games.

Earlier in the interview, Cerny did admit that HDR still has a ways to go, but that there are strong benefits to releasing the Pro despite the relatively low number of HDR capable TVs being sold. The console’s output will enhance a number of games on HDTV, and will also boost the ability of developers to deliver in both PS4 and PSVR titles.

[Source: Twinfinite]