Dark Souls 2 Beta Entry Code in North America Released to the Public; 3 Hour Beta Window Explained

For those of you in North America who want to participate in the Dark Souls 2 beta, Namco Bandai has revealed the code you can enter on the PlayStation Network to gain access, with the first 90,000 people getting in (so be quick!):


There is a down side to the beta, as it runs from 11PM PDT on October 26th to 2AM PDT on October 27th, which translates to 2AM EDT – 5AM EDT on October 27th (check out timing in your area here) and 7AM GMT – 10AM GMT on October 27th.

With just a 3 hour window for the beta worldwide (European gamers get access through PS+), PlayStation Beta Coordinator Alex Burrow explained why Namco Bandai made it so small:

We understand that the test session times are quite short for the Dark Souls 2 Beta which means that will you have a limited amount of gameplay time.

As the objective of this Beta is to test the servers with as many users as possible, Namco Bandai Games have coordinated a global test session for a few hours to squeeze as many users in during that short period as possible.

Generally, the longer the servers are open for, the lower the total number of users online at one point will be.

We advise that you download the Beta and patches ahead of the test times to get the maximum amount of gameplay in the Dark Souls 2 Beta.

Dark Souls 2 releases in March 2014.

Are you going to play in the beta this weekend? Let us know in the comments below.

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