Shuhei Yoshida Comments on Lack of Charge Cable With the DualShock 4

With a lot of PS4 and PlayStation information being confirmed last week (PS4 system update 1.50, PlayStation App release date, final PS4 spec sheet), Shuhei Yoshida was quite busy on his Twitter account, answering a ton of fan questions.

Seeing as how people can buy a DualShock 4 controller now and use it on their PS3 before PS4 launch, many have noticed that it doesn’t come with a USB Micro-B, which is required for using the DS4 on PS3. Addressing this, Shuhei said, “[It’s the] same as how DS3 was sold” and “DS3 did not come with a cable either.” He finished with, “Many people already have USB Micro-B cable.”

He also discussed a few other DualShock 4 topics, which you can read below:

  • Unlike the DualShock 4 controller, the PlayStation Camera won’t be able to connect to your PS3.
  • While you can’t turn off the Light Bar’s light on the DualShock 4 (developers control that), it is tilted down so as not to reflect on the screen.
  • Being his cryptic self, Shuhei still won’t reveal what the expansion port on the DualShock 4 is used for, just saying it’s “secret.”
  • As he’s been saying for some time, Shuhei replied that the Red and Blue DualShock 4 controllers would be releasing “soon after launch,” which hopefully means before 2014.

Do you have any wild theories when it comes to Sony’s plans for the DualShock 4 expansion port? Let us know in the comments below.