Dark Souls 2 Beta in North & South America Rescheduled for November 9th/10th at 11PM PT/2AM ET

After “unforeseen issues” delayed the Dark Souls 2 beta indefinitely in North and South America, Namco Bandai has revealed that the next round of testing will take place on November 9th/10th:

Pacific Time

  • November 9th at 11PM – 2AM on November 10th

Eastern Time

  • November 10th at 2AM – 5AM on November 10th

All participants of previous rounds will be allowed in and there is still space to join the next round. So, if you’d like to download the client that gives you access to the beta, simply enter this code: 38QQ-8DNE-97AA

For those of you wondering why the beta window is so small, this was addressed previously:

We understand that the test session times are quite short for the Dark Souls 2 Beta which means that will you have a limited amount of gameplay time.

As the objective of this Beta is to test the servers with as many users as possible, Namco Bandai Games have coordinated a global test session for a few hours to squeeze as many users in during that short period as possible.

Generally, the longer the servers are open for, the lower the total number of users online at one point will be.

We advise that you download the Beta and patches ahead of the test times to get the maximum amount of gameplay in the Dark Souls 2 Beta.

Will you be staying up late/waking up early on November 9th/10th to play some Dark Souls 2? Let us know in the comments below.