Shuhei on PS4’s Lack of DLNA & MP3 Support: “Had a Very Good Discussion” With the PS4 Dev Team Today (Update: Lack of Support Wasn’t a Business Decision)

Update 2: Shuhei also added on this topic, “We did not remove features, [they were] never implemented.”

Update: When someone on Twitter accused Sony of doing this as a business decision and “an anti-consumer choice meant to funnel people to your paid services,” Shuhei cleared this up by saying, “Not true.” Like a boss.

Original Story: Out of all the PS4 information released yesterday, the one garnering the most attention was the fact that the system won’t support media servers or DLNA in order to stream videos or movies from a home PC at launch.

After hearing all the feedback from people, Shuhei told everyone that he’d be contacting the PS4 dev team. After he talked to them, here’s his follow-up, which seems to signify progress will be made:

Had a very good discussion w the PS4 Dev team today. We’re happy & appreciative to learn so many people use and like PS3’s media features.

Also, if you were confused about what sleep/standby mode does on PS4, Shuhei clears it up for you:

PS4 will ship with standby mode, which you can download updates [as well as charge the DualShock 4 and wake up the system remotely with PS Vita for Remote Play] while the main power is off. Not with suspend mode.

Suspend/Resume mode for PS4 games will be added in a future update after PS4 launch.

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