Ask PSLS: Which November 2013 New Release Video Game Are You Most Excited For?

November 1, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


Finishing up our third Ask PSLS this week, the staff was asked: Which November 2013 new release video game are you most excited for?

Anthony Severino – Heavy Sweater (@Sev_Anthony)

I’m most excited for the hardware, really. Both the PS4 and Xbox One. If I had to say which software, it’d probably be a toss up between Killzone: Shadow Fall and Killer Instinct on the Xbox One. Late November I’m pumped for Super Mario 3D World. I’m also looking forward to supporting the Indie presence on the PS4, and working up a sweat with Xbox Fitness.

Chandler Wood – Psycho (@FinchStrife)

November is looking to be a great month for gamers, for very obvious reasons. Most anticipated thing? Clearly it’s getting my hands on a PlayStation 4, MY PlayStation 4. If we’re talking software, the one that I might be most looking forward too is actually Stick it to the Man, which is a PS3 title (Vita version will release at a later date). If I can’t have Psychonauts 2, then this zany game seems like it may be able to fill that niche in my heart.

Dan Oravasaari – Tired (@FoolsJoker)

The PS4, I just want to fall asleep with it in my arms.

Jason Dunning – Watch Your Step (@Jasonad21)

After looking up and down the list of November releases, Killzone: Shadow Fall quickly became the game I was most excited for. It’s one of the very few PS4 exclusives at launch, it takes advantage of pretty much every improved aspect of the DualShock 4, and it just looks like it will be a very fun game.

Louis Edwards – So Many Games, So Little Time (@ftwrthtx)

This month’s releases will have me hibernating for at least a week. It’s hard to pick just two that I’m really amped for. Once my PS4 arrives with Killzone: Shadow Fall, I’ll only have a few days to play through it, review it, and then jump into Assassin’s Creed IV and Need for Speed: Rivals. Then there’s Knack.

Sebastian Moss – Play With Me (@Sebmoss)

The PlayRoom, because it means I have a PS4.

What November 2013 new release game are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments below.