Shuhei Yoshida: The PlayRoom Bundled With Every PS4 Includes a DualShock 4 Tutorial Video, HDMI Game Capture Delay due to Software

Included for free with every PS4 system is The PlayRoom, a game that will show off a bunch of different ways you can use the PlayStation Camera, something that will run you $60 separately.

If you didn’t have the PlayStation Camera though, it seemed like The PlayRoom would be completely useless for you, but Shuhei Yoshida revealed on Twitter that it will also include “a tutorial video about DualShock 4.” So there’s that.

Shuhei also talked about how the PlayStation App that is scheduled to release on the same day as the PS4 would only be available for iOS and Android devices, and it could “possibly” see a release before the PS4, though nothing is for sure.

Addressing the fact that we’ll have to wait for a post-launch patch for HDMI game capture on the PS4, Shuhei revealed that the reason for the delay didn’t have to do with the hardware, but the “software” instead.

As for the PlayStation Vita, the 1000 and 2000 models won’t be any different when it comes to Remote Play, and you won’t be able to live stream a PS4 game through Remote Play.

Do you think you’ll watch the DualShock 4 tutorial video in The PlayRoom? Let us know in the comments below.