dualsense software updates

New Info on PlayStation’s Website Reveals DualSense Will Receive Software Updates

Throughout this year, PlayStation’s official website has received plenty of revisions to make room for new PlayStation 5 details. The latest update showcases videos of the console’s accessories and peripherals in 360 degrees. As such, fans can get a much closer look at the DualSense, HD Camera, Media Remote, and the Pulse 3D wireless headset. But it’s an interesting tidbit about the DualSense that warrants the most attention. According to a blurb at the bottom of the controller’s PlayStation.com page, the DualSense will receive software updates.

The brief blurb regarding DualSense software updates is underlined in the screenshot below:

dualsense software updates

If DualSense controllers are to indeed receive firmware updates, this will be a first for PlayStation controllers, which up until this point have been static peripherals. While Sony can release updates to the PS4 OS that adjust features for the DualShock 4—such as the post-launch ability to dim the light bar—the device itself lacks an independent update system. It’s neat to see the DualSense heading in this direction, especially since the Xbox One controller and Nintendo Switch joy-cons have had software update capabilities baked in from from the start.

On August 6th, Sony plans to host a new State of Play stream. The PS5 will not feature in any significant capacity, however. Instead, much of the show will revolve around upcoming PS4 and PlayStation VR titles. Yet, a recent report suggests the hardware manufacturer has “tentatively scheduled” another PS5 announcement of some sort for this month. As is always the case, though, until Sony confirms as much itself, fans are better off not getting their hopes up. Previous rumors regarding PS5 reveals—most notably one surrounding the PS5 price and preorders—haven’t panned out.

PlayStation 5 remains on track to hit stores shelves on an unspecified date this holiday season.

[Source: PlayStation.com via Wario64 on Twitter]