Sony on PS4 Apps at European Launch: “There Will be a Range of Services Available”

We recently confirmed all of the PS4 Apps you can expect at launch in the United States and Canada, with SCEE Blog Manager Fred Dutton now teasing what those of you in Europe can expect in terms of PS4 Apps on November 29th:

Yes, there will be a range of services available at launch. I can’t confirm a full list today (EU is a rather more complex land mass than North America), but we’ll let you know in the run up to launch.

With the December 2013 PlayStation Plus free games lineup for Europe being revealed next week, Fred was asked if we would hear about some new PlayStation Vita games in the Instant Game Collection to replace the evergreen titles:

No, not as part of next week’s announcement I’m afraid. We’ll confirm details as soon as possible.

When Sony reveals details about the PS4 Apps in Europe and which games will be switching into the PS Vita’s Instant Game Collection, we’ll let you know.

Which Apps would you like to see at launch? Let us know in the comments below.