December 2013 PlayStation Plus Free Games List News for Europe Coming Next Week

Continuing the long standing tradition of giving European PlayStation Plus members details on the upcoming month’s lineup of free games way ahead of schedule, Fred Dutton of the EU PS Blog has said:

Look out for news on the December PS Plus line up next week.

Thanks to an issue for this month’s free games, Guacamelee! from Drinkbox Studios never entered the Instant Game Collection in Europe, with the developer saying, “There was a slight mix-up, re: Euro PS+ and Guacamelee!, and the activity has been delayed.” If they’ve managed to fix everything, the PS3/PS Vita Cross Buy title could be going free in December.

As well, you should expect to hear confirmation of Resogun and Contrast on PS4 becoming free for members (like they will be in North America), so be sure to check back next week for full details.

Which games are you hoping to see go free in December, keeping in mind that only two PS3 ones will be added? Let us know in the comments below.