Best Character of 2013 Award

December 18, 2013Written by Dan Oravasaari

2013-Best Character

Winner: Grand Theft Auto V’s Trevor Philips

When it comes to a game series like Grand Theft Auto, finding a character that could embody the heart and soul of such a chaotic world has always been a problem. In the past, we have had Eastern European war veterans and even would-be gang members, but none have ever quite felt like they actually could commit most of the crimes players end up doing themselves. This is mainly due to the difficulty of finding a character that could walk the fine line of insanity and charm, and no character in recent history has quite ever been able to do it as well as GTAV’s Trevor Philips.

From the moment he is introduced into one of the biggest games of the year, he instantly steals the limelight, with his one liners and erratic behavior. Trevor, as a character, is not only incredibly well written, but the performance given by Steven Ogg is strangely believable and a true testament of just how far we have come in being able to blend believable characters and gameplay.

Runners Up:
  • Joel, The Last of Us
  • Jodie Holmes, Beyond: Two Souls
  • Drippy, Ni no Kuni

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