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Game of the Year Award: 2013 Edition

There can only be one.

Biggest Failure of 2013 ‘Award’

Don Mattrick’s attempt at ‘Blue Steel’

Person of the Year: The 2013 Award

What, no Kaz?

Best PS3 Exclusive of 2013 Award

Do we even need a drumroll?

Most Anticipated Game of 2014 Award

The PS5.

Best PSN Game of 2013 Award


Best PS4 Exclusive of 2013 Award

Because there were so many stellar hits to choose from…

Best PS Vita Exclusive of 2013 Award


Best Sports Game of 2013 Award

Back of the net. Aha!

Best Narrative Experience of 2013 Award

Beyond The Last Grand BioShock.

Best Racing Game of 2013 Award

Gran Theft Auto.

Best Fighting Game of 2013 Award

Justice is served.

Best RPG of 2013 Award

Mila Kuni.

Best Action/Action-Adventure Game of 2013 Award

Lights, camera, action-adventure.

Best Character of 2013 Award

If only Uncharted had released, this award would have been easy.

Best New IP of 2013 Award

Because post-apocalyptic is so original.

Best Shooter of 2013 Award

An irrational decision.

Editor’s Letter: Awarding The PSLS Awards

Get your predictions on.