Best PS Vita Exclusive of 2013 Award

Winner: Tearaway

Systems have specs a developer can use to see the potential of what a console can do. However, the manual for doing so is often left to public opinion. How many games do not take advantage of a wider color palette, some special parallax scrolling, or something else a console is able to do? Media Molecule held a Vita in one hand and Tearaway in the other and then did some crazy Fusion Dance to result in a game which features an astounding use of all of the Vita’s functions. It’s a game intricately tied to the Vita and a showcase to developers on what the Vita is capable of doing. Tearaway is like a manual for proper usage of the Vita while making a game enjoyable.

Tearaway does not stop there. There’s a connection to Tearaway beyond a representation of the player’s fingers poking through the rear touch screen, using a player’s living room to put a new skin on a gopher, or even the inclusion of the player as a character. It’s a letter to gamers to remind us imagination is what brought about the games we play, and our connection to each game is as strong as such imagination allows.

Runners Up:

  • Ys: Memories of Celceta

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