Dying Light “Easily Supports 30 to 40 Hours of Gameplay”, is Techland’s Most Ambitious Game

After the fun sledgehammer video at VGX and the night time gameplay walkthrough released yesterday, Dying Light from Techland is getting quite a bit of positive attention ahead of its 2014 release on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.

As an open-world game with a seemingly endless number of zombies, Producer Tymon Smektala told Gaming Bolt if moments within Dying Light where you’re chased by zombies are dynamic:

Of course [they are] dynamic. There aren’t many sequences in Dying Light that are scripted, save for a few moments in our main story missions. Everything that happens in the game is dynamic, everything is governed by the gameplay systems, everything happens while you play it. There are lots of water cooler moments, lots of moments you will like to share on Twitch, Facebook, or YouTube.

After Writer Rafal W. Orkan touched upon the missions and how you can do main or side quests independently from one another, with co-op play allow everyone to do different missions at the same time (there will be some restrictions, such as when the story requires you to be together), Smektala referenced the XP system:

There’s a whole RPG character progression system in the game, so you will be able to upgrade your character spending hard earned experience points on skills and perks. The same goes for our Be The Zombie mode, in which you play as a zombie and get special zombie experience points for killing survivors. You can then spend those zombie XPs for zombie skills to build an ultimate zombie killing machine. How kick ass is that?

Tymon also addressed the game’s length, saying how it “easily supports 30 to 40 hours of gameplay” and “is the biggest and most ambitious game world we’ve ever created.” Putting that statement into perspective, he said, “It’s at least three times as big as our previous open world project, and it’s way more dense because in Dying Light you can go nearly anywhere – with the Natural Movement system there aren’t many obstacles that you can’t overcome.”

Are you happy to learn that Dying Light will have about 30 – 40 hours of gameplay? Let us know in the comments below.