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Netflix Suffers From “Streaming Issues”, Down for US, Canadian and Latin American Users, Error Code N8103-101 [Update: Fixed]

December 26, 2013Written by Sebastian Moss


Update 2: After approximately an hour and a half of downtime, Netflix is back for everyone (or at least should be).

Update: It looks like Netflix is coming back online for some.

To try and keep you up to date with the PSN’s problems, we’ve been sifting through the thousands of complaints and queries hitting the web every second. Among them is a recurring complaint that Netflix doesn’t work, but this time, it may not be Sony’s fault.

Also apparently unprepared for heightened Christmas activity, movie and TV show streaming service Netflix is currently down in the US, Canada and Latin America, with the company saying:

To our customers in the US, CA, and Latin America: we’re aware of streaming issues on all devices & working to resolve the problem ASAP.

Netflix was also down last Christmas, after its host, Amazon Web Services, went offline.

Does this news make you forgive Sony for not being able to handle the traffic, or simply highlight the problems with a cloud-based future? Sound off below.