FuturLab Explains What it Takes for a Downloadable PSN Game to Get a Platinum Trophy From Sony

To help get some fan feedback on Velocity 2X, FuturLab asked their followers on Twitter if they want the PS4/PS Vita Cross Buy to have two separate trophy lists, or if a shared trophy list was a better idea.

Ultimately, two sets with Cross Save unlocking the trophies on both was the most popular choice, but amidst all this, FuturLab detailed what it takes for a downloadable PSN game to be granted a Platinum trophy from Sony:

By the way, we can’t just choose to have a Platinum trophy. That is a request that can only be granted by Sony. In Velocity Ultra’s case, it was Lorenzo Grimaldi at Sony building a case for why [Velocity Ultra] deserved one.

Platinum trophies are part of a ‘large game’ trophy set. Games need to have a significantly ‘large’ amount of content to qualify.

One of their followers said that a Platinum trophy doesn’t matter because “a game made by you guys, needs to be played, even if it had no trophies,” and FuturLab had some fun when they replied, “You’d think so, but we have a few trophy-less games that people didn’t bother with =).”

Would you like to see Platinum trophies become the norm in downloadable titles, or do you believe they should be saved for a select few? Let us know in the comments below.