Velocity Spiritual Successor

FuturLab Partners with Thunderful Publishing for a Spiritual Successor to the Velocity Series

Thunderful Publishing has teamed up with developer FuturLab to create a spiritual successor to the Velocity arcade shoot ’em up series. The new title will also be a sci-fi adventure, but this time it will be a “stylish, high-intensity third-person combat game”.

Details on the game are scarce, but it is a new IP that returns to sci-fi action and has nothing to do with their last title, PowerWash Simulator, which has seemingly taken the world of PC by storm with Overwhelmingly Positive reviews on Steam despite still being in Early Access. FuturLab Founder James Marsden said the game “sees our studio returning to sci-fi action, possessing the same DNA as Velocity, but with far more ambition, style, and contemporary relevance. It is nothing short of a dream game, and we cannot wait to share it with the world.”

Thunderful’s Head of Publishing Dieter Schoeller added:

The game, prototype, and vision presented to us is second to none! While we can’t say much yet, we can be sure that the project launched with James and his team will delight gamers worldwide with a refreshingly new take on the action genre, presented with stunning visual style and super-tight gameplay mechanics.

Velocity began life as a PlayStation 3 and PSP game, later being ported to PlayStation Vita in HD as Velocity Ultra. Set far into the future, players were tasked with rescuing spaceships stranded after the collapse of a star. At the controls of the only spaceship that can teleport, the Quarp Jet had to rescue them and take down enemies. A sequel, Velocity 2X, was released for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.

For now, Futurlab is recruiting more developers to help with the creation of the game. It remains to be seen what sort of game their new title will be, and which platforms it will be released on, although those job adverts do suggest it will involve VR platforms.

[Source: Thunderful]