Velocity 2X Update Today on PS4 & PS Vita Adds Final DLC Pack for Free

Marking the final content pack for Velocity 2X on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, the Daily Sprint DLC was added by developer FuturLab for free today as part of update 1.04.

Weighing in at 365MB on PS4, the Velocity 2X update and DLC were inspired by the recent speedrun (above):

While we don’t know what FuturLab is working on right now, they did talk about how they approach each project:

Due to our approach of inventing something new in each project, there’s always some aspect I dread isn’t going to work out mechanically. We are also designing a studio trajectory – with each game a point along it – so there’s great pressure to choose the right project.

Some games take literally years to get started too, so that dread creates a cloak of uncertainty for just as long. It’s pretty draining. It’s therefore a massive relief when mechanics you hope will fit together years in advance actually do, but it’s rarely first time.

We need an R&D department to remove the dread. That’s my goal for 2016.

Will you be playing Velocity 2X today?

[Source: FuturLab (Twitter 1, 2, 3), Tuomas Tonteri (Twitter)]