Analyst: Gran Turismo 6 US Sales in December 2013 Were Around 300,000

Since the NPD doesn’t release sales numbers for games, and Sony rarely announces them for first-party titles, we have to look at analyst data for an estimated number. When it comes to Gran Turismo 6, Cowen & Company is placing the US sales of GT6 for the month of December 2013 at around 300,000.

Comparing this number to Gran Turismo 5 (reminder: servers deactivate in May), which released in late November 2010, it was at over 1 million copies sold in North America through the end of December 2010, and over 6 million worldwide. Over on Polyphony’s site, the latest Gran Turismo series sales as of March 2013 show Gran Turismo 5 at over 10.6 million now.

Now, while 300,000 may seem low for Gran Turismo 6 in its first month in the United States, keep in mind that the Gran Turismo franchise is much more popular in Europe, and Gran Turismo 6 managed sales of nearly 250,000 units during its first two weeks in Japan.

The full December 2013 NPD sales results will be available on Thursday. While you won’t be hearing the exact sales figures for games, expect to learn the top 10 games during the month, industry sales numbers, and console sales numbers/rankings.

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