inFamous: Second Son Now Available for Pre-order on the North American PlayStation Store

You’ve been able to pre-order inFamous: Second Son on PlayStation 4 in-stores for quite some time now, getting access to the great bonus of Cole’s Legacy, and now you can pre-order the game through the PlayStation Store (US, Canada).

Priced at the regular $59.99 (no discount for digital, unfortunately), here’s what you get by pre-ordering the game:

  • Full copy of inFamous: Second Son.
  • Exclusive in-game vests for inFamous: Second Son designed by Seattle locals Penny Arcade, iam8bit, San Diego street artist Exist 1981 and artista y disenadora, Jos.
  • Unlock Cole’s Jacket for Delsin to wear in the bonus exclusive downloadable content, Cole’s Legacy.
  • Cole’s Legacy DLC:

Uncover what happened between the devastating events of inFamous 2 and inFamous: Second Son in Cole’s Legacy.

Cole MacGrath’s actions in New Marias set in motion a chain of events leading to the now forceful occupation of Seattle by the oppressive Department of Unified Protection. Cole’s Legacy bridges the gap in time with a series of missions Delsin Rowe must complete that reveal unique insights into how the world of inFamous: Second Son came to be.

The listing on the PS Store doesn’t mention if inFamous: Second Son will unlock at midnight on Friday, March 21st, but there’s definitely a good chance of that happening.

There also isn’t yet word of Europe getting access to the PlayStation Store pre-order as well, though it could happen with the PlayStation Store update tomorrow.

Will you be pre-ordering inFamous: Second Son through the PlayStation Store? Let us know in the comments below.