PlayStation Vita Indie Games Mega Pack Arriving in Europe Next Month

January 30, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


There may not have been any new game announcements for the PlayStation Vita at the UK event this morning, but there was a new bundle unveiled for Europe, which includes 10 different indie games.

This Indie Games Mega Pack will be available in February (no specific date was mentioned), costs RRP €24.99, includes a 4GB memory card, and has PlayStation Store vouchers to download the following games:

You can also expect a PlayStation Vita Bundle with the Indie Games Mega Pack in February for RRP €199.99. This includes a PS Vita and the Indie Games Mega Pack, but they didn’t say if the PS Vita model is the older one or the newer one. Judging by the video though, it appears to be the older model (Amazon France’s listing also shows the older Vita):

Are you thinking of picking up the Indie Games Mega Pack? Or would you have preferred all the games loaded to a Vita game card so you didn’t have to download them all? Let us know in the comments below.