Sound Shapes to Replace Outlast for Free on PlayStation Plus in UAE, India, and More Countries

It took some time, but Outlast has finally been rated in Australia and Germany, meaning both those countries will be getting the game for free on PlayStation Plus this Wednesday, February 5th, along with most of the other countries in Europe. As a final reminder, don’t forget that it replaces both Don’t Starve and Resogun, so get them before it’s too late.

Certain countries that won’t be getting Outlast free through PlayStation Plus are Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, India and Turkey. As a replacement, PlayStation EU has confirmed Sound Shapes (includes PS3/PS Vita Cross Buy) will be added to the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection on February 5th.

You’ll be able to read Chandler’s review of Outlast on PS4 soon, but if you want to have some of the game spoiled, here’s a look at the Australian Classification Board’s decision summary for Outlast’s 18 rating:

Outlast is an intense horror game with graphic depictions of cruelty and bloody violence which would be severely disturbing to younger audiences. The asylum setting allows for a focus on horror and the constant threat of violence adds a pervasive sense of fear and dread. A brief scene of necrophilia, while used to disgust and horrify, would prove particularly shocking to younger audiences. As a result, the unrestricted availability of the publication would be injurious to the public good. In addition, the use of highly offensive language further supports the need for restriction. The graphic content presented clearly suggests the game is intended for an adult audience. Considering the right to freedom of expression as set out in the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990, a restriction on the availability of the publication to adults would be the lowest reasonable restriction which could be applied in order to prevent injury to the public good. Therefore Outlast is classified as objectionable unless the availability of the publication is restricted to persons who have attained the age of 18 years.

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