Curve Studios Announces MouseCraft for PS Vita This May, PS4 in Summer

In the second of four announcements from Curve Studios throughout February, the company has unveiled MouseCraft for release on the PlayStation Vita and Steam this May, with a PlayStation 4 version planned in the Summer.

To see the gameplay of MouseCraft (which is nothing like Minecraft), check out this short teaser trailer:

Described as an indie puzzle game, MouseCraft lets you lead a group of mice through a machine to find the cheese at the end of a level by controlling the environment and adding ‘Tetromino’ blocks around the environment. Curve Studios likens MouseCraft to a mix of Lemmings and Tetris.

MouseCraft will include over 50 campaign levels, leaderboards, collectables, a ranking system, and a fully-featured level editor available during launch. If you want more information about MouseCraft, you can check it out on Steam Early Access.

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