Hideo Kojima: Frequently Asked Framerate or Resolution Questions Are “Nonsense”

Hideo Kojima spent a lot of time on his Twitter account this past weekend, posting about a huge variety of topics related to Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and Metal Gear Solid in general.

With so much to read, let’s get started with when Hideo Kojima said, “BTW, we’ve [adjusted Ground Zeroes] for its balance of difficulty level, control, and design on each hardware (PS3, 360, PS4, One) thoroughly.” He then elaborated, “As mentioned again, we have adjusted GZ to have the same impression, gameplay, control, and difficulty level regardless of hardware. However, the reason why I release the prologue w/ next-gen release is so that I want [you] to see the future of what the next-gen game feels like. Well, once you play with next-gen, it moves smoothly like… butter, you won’t be able to go back to current-gen though [laughs out loud].”

He then went on a Twitter spree, with all the interesting information below (obvious spelling mistakes and abbreviations cleaned up and/or expanded):

“[Ground Zeroes] is so called open world that allows you to design your strategy & intelligence operation to accomplish the missions and has replay value whereas the linear game is designed in 1 way. Especially control feels great. You can go anywhere smoothly.”

“I played MGS4 several days ago but wasn’t able to play so well since I am used to the controller and freedom of GZ. The funniest part I found was that Snake in MGS4 wasn’t able to climb up the sandbag [laughs].”

“As talked about a lot in boot camp last week, GZ is not designed as rail game, so that you need to pay attention 360 degree around you. You are exposed to huge amount of tension and stress so the powers of concentration is a must. It really is scary. Once you accomplish the mission, you feel tremendous fatigue as if you just experience the real survival game.”

“GZ is open world real sneaking simulator. The route and play-style differs by people to people, so rather than sharing one strategy with friends, I would like you to show off your play style to the world by Share button and play again and again.”

“The way of play GZ differs by people to people. For example: you rescue the prisoner, carry him on your shoulder, or put him on the jeep, or track to go to the point from distance to call for chopper, or call chopper in mid of the base and play your favorite song with equipped Walkman, covering with anti-aircraft gun, and try to make dramatic escape [laughs].”

“I received a mean question by journalist at boot camp last week, “It’s been for 6 yrs from MGS4, MGS might get forgotten by people?”. Of course I wasn’t fooling around during that time, but released [Peace Walker] or [Rising] but I guess spin off or handheld game doesn’t get counted overseas?”

“It was due to marketing experiment that we released MGS on PSP back in 2010 focusing on cloud networking era. The reason why we made FOX Engine was to enable to make open world game productively even on current-gen.”

“In GZ, you can have SNS essence of play by using Share feature as you can use with Remote Play, smartphone, and tablet.”

“GZ has horizontal spread of play with multi-platform, multi-generation, and tablet which allows SNS element. I want you to feel the future by looking at the evolution of MGS’ expression and play as only one of the new stealth game.”

“Thus, to me frame rate or resolution that often get to asked, is nonsense. But people keep asking so I will make it publish soon.”

As well, here’s PlayStation Japan’s trailer for Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes on PS4:

After linking to the trailer, Kojima revealed that he didn’t edit it, adding, “For the game I direct, I do everything including making teaser, poster, trailer. I even come up with tag line, pick up scripts, music to go with for PV. To me all these are a part of making video game. I sometimes edit trailer for the titles I produce, such as Anubis, Castlevania, and Rising.”

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