The Last of Us DLC: Left Behind Trophy Guide (PS3)


Welcome to PlayStation LifeStyle’s trophy guide for Left Behind! As if you needed another reason to play The Last of Us, the single player downloadable content has finally arrived! This piece of DLC comes with 10 new trophies to earn. Just about all of the trophies can be earned via chapter select except for the difficulty related trophies and the BFFs trophy. There aren’t that many collectibles and they aren’t hard to find either. A Survivor mode play-through will be required if you want the 100% but there are only a few combat areas. The difficulty trophies do stack and Survivor is unlocked from the very beginning, so if you wanna knock out all 4 difficulty trophies in 1 play-through go for it.

Spoiler Alert: There are spoilers in this guide. If you are trying to avoid spoilers, it’s recommended that you complete the game before reading any further.

Don’t Go – Easy – Bronze

– Finish Left Behind on Easy.

See the trophy Don’t Go – Survivor for more details.

Don’t Go – Normal – Bronze

– Finish Left Behind on Normal.

See the trophy Don’t Go – Survivor for more details.

Don’t Go – Hard – Bronze

– Finish Left Behind on Hard.

See the trophy Don’t Go – Survivor for more details.

Don’t Go – Survivor – Silver

– Finish Left Behind on Survivor.

If you’ve played The Last of Us on Survivor before, you already know what to expect. You’ll take greater damage, enemies take more damage, enemies senses are higher, the listen mode is disabled and supplies are very scarce. Make sure you are searching for supplies in every area you come to. Only the chapters with Ellie alone looking for medicine will have combat. You’ll  want to play very stealthily. Ellie’s knife and the bow are very useful as those allow you to take out enemies quietly. You’ll also be able to pick up most of your shot arrows which will help with ammo. There are some parts of this DLC that enable you to lure infected to human enemies. To do this, throw a brick or a bottle to make a noise. Whenever you get a chance to do this, do it. Letting the enemies kill each other will help you greatly. Just make sure before you do it that you have a good hiding place. The enemies will all start running in every direction as they fight so be aware of their locations. The difficulty related trophies will pop after the credits have finished and you’re back to the main menu.

BFFs – Bronze

– All optional conversations found in Left Behind.

There are only 13 optional conversations in Left Behind. They are all during the chapters when Ellie and Riley are together. Just like in the main game, press Triangle at certain areas to engage in the optional conversations. Unlike the collectibles, the optional conversations must all be found in one play-through. Chapter select will not work.

Mall Rats

  1. In the room just after crossing over the ledge but before the laundry room, there will be a giant Firefly logo on the wall. Interact with the logo.
  2. Go down the first escalator and turn right. There is a giant poster advertising vacations. Interact with the poster.
  3. Straight ahead from the escalator you came down is a poster advertising water guns. Interact with the poster.
  4. Riley will have an optional conversation prompt when you get to the bottom of the next escalator.
  5. Inside the big yellow tent. In the back on a dresser is a picture you can interact with.
  6. Straight out of the tent doorway, you’ll see a saddle on the bench. Interact with the saddle.
  7. Inside the Halloween store, in the back right corner of the store there will be a jar on a shelf. Interact with the jar.
  8. Inside the Halloween store, after interacting with the jar, Riley will come out of a coffin behind you. Follow her to the Dracula display where she will put on a Dracula mask. Interact with Riley after she puts the mask on.
  9. Inside the Halloween store, go down the middle aisle to find a green mask that you can put on. Interact with Riley right after you put it on.
  10. Inside the Halloween store,  to the left of the exit doors, is a magic 8-Ball like skull called Skeleseer. Interact with the skull and Ellie will ask a question. After each question, the optional conversation will prompt you again. There are 8 total questions you have to ask the skull. You have to ask all 8.  When Riley comes over and takes the skull, you’re done.

 Fun and Games

  1. Takes place while riding the Carousel.
  2. When the Carousel ride is over Riley will give you a joke book. When you get off the Carousel. Tell all of the jokes until Ellie puts the book away. There are quite a few jokes that Ellie goes through here.
  3. Right after telling the jokes, follow Riley to the photo machine and interact with it.

Picked Clean – Bronze

– All Left behind collectibles found.

There are only 14 collectibles to be picked up in Left Behind. If you miss any, you can use Chapter Select to see how many you’ve collected in each chapter. You’ll also be able to jump back in to any chapters picking up any that you may have missed.

Back in a Flash

The Pharmacist’s key is needed to progress through the story, but it also counts as a collectible.

  1. Combination Note: Behind the desk in the Pharmacy.
  2. Pharmacist’s Note: Found on the dead Pharmacist with the key.
  3. Salon Note: Found on the dead soldier after crawling under and over some snow covered debris (hard to miss).


  1. Wanted Poster: On a table in a living room. Riley will be talking about how she met Marlene as you pass through this room.
  2. Warning Note: This is after the the brick throwing contest. Instead of going all the way down the hallway after you go down the stairs, go into the room to the left. This note will be on a table in the back of the room.

So Close

The medical supplies are counted as a collectible. You will get those as you progress through the story.

  1. Atrium Note: Stand  directly under the crashed helicopter. Go under the walkway and turn right. Run all the way to the Glazed Dough shop. In front of that shop will be the note laying next to a stretcher.
  2. Generator Note: This is on a bucket left of the generator.
  3. Atrium Recorder: After turning on the generator, go up the escalator that is behind the now unlocked gate. When you get to the top of the escalator, turn left and you’ll see this laying there.

Fun and Games

  1. Kitchen Note: In the Fast Burger kitchen behind the Carousel.
  2. No Pun Intended Joke Book: Ride the Carousel and Riley will Give you the book at the end of the ride.

The Enemy of My Enemy

  1. Crew Photo: On the right side of the hall will be a white and blue wall that says “coming soon”. Go into the open doorway and down the hall will be a dead body. This picture is next to the body.
  2. Duct Recorder: After you kill the enemies in the Octopus Record store you’ll find a blood trail leading to a vent. Follow the trail in the vent and you’ll eventually come across a dead body. The recorder is next to the dead body.

Nobody’s Perfect – Bronze

– Played Jak X Combat Racing.

Jak X Combat Racing is found in the back left corner of the arcade next to the air hockey table. Walk up to it and press Triangle. You won’t actually have to play anything. You’ll have to do this  before playing the Angel Knives game.

Angel Knives – Bronze

– Defeat Black Fang without getting hit.

After the power is turned back on in the mall, go up the escalator. Inside the Arcade is a game you can “play”. Button combinations will pop up on the lower left side of the screen. Successfully complete all of the button combinations to win. If you miss one, you’ll take damage. If you mess up, press start and restart the encounter to try again.

Skillz – Bronze

– Win the water gun fight.

The water gun fight will take place right after fighting Black Fang. After the initial water gun fight you’ll have to hunt Riley and shoot her first before she shoots you. You’ll have to win 2 out of 3. You can use the listen mode during this to make it easier to find Riley. When you find her, walk slowly toward her with the squirt gun raised and she’ll jump out at you. Quickly squirt her to win. You can still earn the trophy if you lose the first part of the water gun fight.

Brick Master – Bronze

– Win the brick throwing contest.

This will begin right after You exit the Halloween shop in the mall. Break all the windows on the red car before Riley to win.

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