Tequila Works Clarifies: Microsoft Originally Greenlit Rime, Project Couldn’t “Adapt” to Xbox One

Following the release of documents detailing Tequila Works’ original pitch to Microsoft for Rime (then known as Echoes of Siren), a member of Tequila Works was contacted by GameReactor to clear up what ultimately happened between them and Microsoft.

Revealing that Rime was originally greenlit by Microsoft, but ultimately couldn’t adapt to the Xbox One after its plans became public, here’s what the member of Tequila works had to say:

In [Microsoft’s] defense, it has to be said that they didn’t passed on it at first; project had been greenlighted and only when Xbox One plans made public and project couldn’t adapt, it was decided not to carry on and we moved it with other publishers.

Rime is set for release in either 2014 or 2015, and if you’re unfamiliar with the game, here’s the description:

Rime tells the story of a boy who must use his wits and ingenuity to survive, and ultimately escape from, a mysterious island and a terrible curse:

Open World Gameplay – Free-form exploration allows you to explore the island, face its challenges and ultimately uncover its terrible secret.

Dynamic Puzzle Solving – You are integral to how puzzles are solved and with the help of a mysterious artifact you can manipulate the environment and even time itself.

Unique Control System – Tactile and original gameplay using the DualShock 4 wireless controller. Sound, light and touch are all key to the Rime experience.

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