Rime – Everything You Need to Know

When Rime was first unveiled at gamescom 2013, the PlayStation community was beside itself with excitement.

Here was an indie game bursting at the seams with potential, one that adopted the cel-shaded aesthetic of Wind Waker and Shadow of the Colossus — not to mention a sprinkling of Studio Ghibli classics in the vein of Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away — and used the vessel of a young, wide-eyed boy to anchor its fantastical story.

So far, so promising. Initially hatched as an XBLA exclusive by the name of Echoes of Siren, publishing policies and other red tape forced Microsoft to drop Rime altogether, though it didn’t take long for Sony to swoop in and acquire the IP, promoting it to a PS4 exclusive in the process. That was just prior to the aforementioned gamescom unveiling four years ago,

So, you’re ready to chase the Mediterranean sun? Not so fast! In anticipation of its launch on May 26, we’ve scoured the four corners of the internet — and the PSLS archives — to compile all the necessary information you could ever need pertaining to Tequila’s sun-kissed puzzle platformer.

Rime is booked in to launch across PS4, Xbox One and PC on May 26. A Switch version is also in the works, though the Nintendo port isn’t expected to arrive until sometime this summer.

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