Naughty Dog’s Jason Paul is “Surprised” No One has Found Some Secrets They Dropped Around the Internet

March 3, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


In the comments section of their post for The Last of Us that goes behind the scenes of Left Behind, while also hinting at the final DLC pack for the game, Naughty Dog web developer Jason Paul dropped this tease:

I’m just surprised no one has yet to find some of the secrets we have dropped around the internet…

Before you get your hopes up that this has something to do with Uncharted 4, OPM and people on the PlayStation forums dug up some very interesting websites and Twitter accounts, all of which have something to do with The Last of Us. Giving you an eerie look at how things may have escalated on Twitter during an outbreak, here’s some of those secrets Naughty Dog has spread around the internet:


Twitter Accounts

After someone on Twitter brought up a code they found for The Last of Us’ comic book that had already been used, Jason Paul said, “Time to hide more stuff around the web.”

Also, when Naughty Dog’s Eric Monacelli was asked about Uncharted 4, he simply said, “When it’s ready to make public we will.”

Have you found any other Easter eggs on the internet for The Last of Us? Let everyone know in the comments below.