Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition Team Needs “At Least 1-2 Weeks” to Test Issues

March 10, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


Ever since Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition launched earlier this month for the PS4 (free for PS+ members), there have been numerous reports of various issues, including crashing.

Responding to some of these issues and giving us a status update on a fix (via PlayStation Forums) is RikkuSarah from the development team. After saying “so sorry to hear about some problems with crashes and bugs,” she added a few days ago that “we are currently working with the developers to discover the root of the problem and will be updating you all as soon as we have more details.”

Yesterday, Sarah added a new reply, where she said, “We really are sorry for the poor experience you have had with what is essentially a great game, but we absolutely intend to have this fixed asap and a better update for you this week.”

In the latest update given today, Sarah revealed how they are testing the issues people are experiencing, but it could take some time before they can issue a fix:

Hi all,

Update for you!

XDEV and Climax are looking into the problems and would like to thank everyone that has submitted crash logs from their PS4 systems and for their patience in this matter.

These logs are proving invaluable to the programming team at Climax who are working to resolve the issues as quickly as possible.

XDEV/Climax will provide an update in regard to the issues being addressed as soon as testing is complete and the team are confident that the issues reported are resolved.

Unfortunately, several of the issues reported only happen under specific circumstances, and because of this, the team need to ensure these issues are tested under those same conditions, which will take at least 1-2 weeks.

We apologize to everyone that has experienced problems.

I will also post more updates here as we get them and on our twitter account @sonyxdeveurope.

Thanks again, Sarah

So, it looks like you’ll have to be a little more patient before a fix/update for Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition is released.

How has your experience with Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition been so far? Have you found any workarounds to some issues? Let everyone know in the comments below.