Kojima: Ground Zeroes Doesn’t Pause When Changing Items or Checking Map

March 11, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


After Hideo Kojima reminded people that the launch of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes is fast approaching (only 7 days!), he cleared up any misunderstandings surrounding the controls of Metal Gear Solid (tweets edited for clarification where applicable):

Metal Gear Solid has been misunderstood that the control might be too complicated. Simply more buttons are available in order to change camera or actions that players are allowed to choose from. I’ve tried to configure control for instinct play as much as possible. Ground Zeroes performs smoothly and conveniently like a rep of new generations. Hard to go back play old Metal Gear Solid once you get used to Ground Zeroes.

Kojima then continued:

“Back in 90’s, switching from main screen to sub-screen for weapon change was mainstream. This may distract players as they need to switch different screens back and forth. So I invented the switch can be done in 1 hand by clicking over the game screen in Metal Gear Solid 1. Made icons transparent in the background also.”

“In Metal Gear Solid, I had chosen the special key configuration for quick change of weapon (chose key as you press button). No other game had done so it kinda made everyone anxious. Well, be careful in Ground Zeroes because your game is ongoing when changing your weapon.”

“In Ground Zeroes, be careful when changing items, checking map, or listening to WALKMAN since game doesn’t pause as in your real life.”

“Of course, pause button exists that can be used even during the cutscene so you can go to restroom or have a break whenever you like. However, Snake in Ground Zeroes can’t have a break, meaning can’t play game in pause status.”

Up next, Kojima let you know what he’s been up to since finishing work on Peace Walker:

Since Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker for PSP in 2010, I’ve worked on FOX Engine, other titles, and building up LA Studio. It’s been 4 years releasing my self produced title.

Not only game development, but also at the same time doing business and promotion, producing, checking other titles, related matters, etc. If I were to dedicate my full 24/7, it’d complete much more in depth and quickly. But in order to complete what I like, I ought to do producing by myself.

Likely referencing how Ground Zeroes has been leaked early in some regions, Kojima discussed how Ground Zeroes isn’t a linear title:

Since Ground Zeroes has freedom to enjoy real stealth simulator game instead of linear game, it gives high replay value and the play style differs depending on the player. So it fits well on “SHARE BUTTON” feature. But premature release proved that wasn’t my intention.

For some fun, here’s Tomokazu Sugita (the Japanese voice actor of Kaz) and Hideo Kojima having some fun with unsuspecting people wanting to buy the game:

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