The Division Gets Multiplied With New Screenshots

March 24, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


Just a few days after releasing a video detailing what the new Snowdrop Engine can do, Ubisoft has brought out some more screenshots for The Division, which you can view below:

If you happened to miss the Snowdrop Engine trailer, here it is:

Over on the Ubi Blog, Massive Entertainment’s Brand Art Director Rodrigo Cortes explained that parts of what you saw in the trailer aren’t actually from The Division:

The forest shots, turrets and giant flies that you saw in the trailer are not part of The Division. This video is a technical demonstration, to display Snowdrop’s full capacities as a new generation engine. Snowdrop is capable of creating a large range of varied universes, procedurally, and in an unprecedented level of detail.

Cortes later added, “Snowdrop was created in-house, at Massive, in response to a specific requirement: to do things better, not bigger. Triple-A game development projects are growing in scope exponentially, so we wanted to be smart and not rely on brute force. We needed an engine that would support how we work in the studio, promote creativity, and allow the freedom to experiment and prototype.”

With the power of the Snowdrop Engine, Cortes says, “We have empowered our artists and thus can reach levels of quality never before seen in video games. With the usability of the tools, people really excel in what they create. This has resulted in amazing graphics, as well as unexpected new features and unique innovations that really push the engine, the power of the consoles, and the games we work on, forward.”

Last we heard from Ubisoft, The Division is still on track for a 2014 release, but a rumor says we won’t see it this year.