The division 2 free weekend warlords of new york

Play The Division 2 Free This Weekend Before Warlords of New York Launches Next Week

The Division 2’s first major expansion, Warlords of New York, is set to release on March 3, but before returning to Manhattan and taking out rogue agent Aaron Keener, you can try out The Division 2 free this weekend. If $2.99 is too rich for your blood, you can get a few days of free play in to see if it’s a mission you choose to accept. Running from 8:00 AM UTC on February 27 to 8:00 AM UTC March 2, PS4 players can pre-load for the free weekend starting now. The Division 2 free weekend includes the full base game, and any progress made will carry over should you decide to purchase it. In fact, if you participated in the first free weekend last year, your progress will carry over to this one as well.

To download on PS4, simply head to The Division 2’s product page on the PlayStation Store and click “Try Free Demo.” A PlayStation Plus membership is not required to enjoy The Division 2 free weekend but will be necessary if you choose to purchase the full game. Remember that The Division 2 is only $2.99 right now for the full game ahead of the launch of Warlords of New York. If you want to get the expansion as well, it runs $29.99. Other versions of The Division 2 are also on sale, including the $120 Ultimate Edition for only $17.99.

After the free weekend ends, Warlords of New York launches one day later on March 3. This expansion sends players back to New York to hunt down rogue Division agent Aaron Keener and close the loop on a narrative arc that began in the first game. Warlords of New York is a great place for new players to jump in, offering a level 30 boost so that players can immediately head to either Manhattan or Washington DC.

An animated Warlords of New York short sets the stage for the upcoming expansion, showing how Keener recruited four additional rogue agents to take over lower Manhattan and set his plans in motion. Players will need to take out the four lieutenants before confronting Keener himself and eliminating the threat. Check on the animated short below:

In addition to Keener, the four rogue agents are:

  • Vivian Conley – a chemical engineer who has aligned herself with the Cleaners faction
  • Theo Parnell – former drone engineer and hacker
  • Javier Kajika – former Black Op on a path for revenge
  • James Dragov – master of heavy weapons, leads the Rikers faction

Warlords of New York kicks off The Division 2’s second year which will operate on a seasonal model, featuring consistent updates throughout the year. It’s also coming with a new game update that will overhaul many of the RPG and gear aspects of the game, streamlining some of the more complicated and cumbersome features. The free weekend will still be on the old gear system, but many of the overhauled features won’t make a significant impact until you reach the endgame anyway.

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