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The Division 2 Warlords of New York Takes Players Back to the Big Apple to Hunt Aaron Keener, Major RPG Overhaul

Just one year after its launch, The Division 2 is getting its first major expansion, taking players back to the ruined streets of Manhattan to hunt down rogue agent Aaron Keener. Coming March 3, 2020, The Division 2 Warlords of New York sends players to the southern end of Manhattan eight months after the outbreak. Gone is the snow of The Division 1, replaced by summer heat in the wreckage of a former Dark Zone that was recently hit by a hurricane.

The Division 1 players may remember Aaron Keener as the rogue first-wave Division agent who disavowed the agency and became one of the series’ primary antagonists. Though a looming threat throughout the first game, players were never able to eliminate Keener before he disappeared. He’s now resurfaced with a new biological threat, one that puts efforts to rebuild humanity at risk.

Keener’s not alone though. He has a network of other rogue agents assisting his efforts. Players will have the opportunity to the four other agents out at their own pace in any order, taking them through new zones in lower Manhattan like Two Bridges, Chinatown, and Wall Street. There’s even a tanker that’s been washed ashore at the south end of the island. Each of these rogue agents has their own backstory to discover, as well as new skills that can be acquired once they are defeated. Once the agents are down, players will have a chance to finally confront Keener himself.

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Players must be level 30 to go back to Manhattan, but the expansion will include a boost so that new players can jump right in, choosing to either take on New York or Washington D.C.’s content. Players can freely travel back and forth between the two areas at will. For players currently playing The Division 2, Episode 3 – Coney Island: The Hunt will be available tomorrow. This final episode of the free Year 1 content serves as the prologue to Warlords of New York.

Going Beyond The Division 2 Warlords of New York

Ubisoft has been paying careful attention to player feedback throughout The Division 2’s first year. Warlords of New York will launch alongside Title Update 8, which includes an RPG overhaul that will simplify some of The Division 2’s more overly complicated systems. Ubisoft aims to make sure players can “better read and manage their gear inventory,” improving players’ ability to better assess their unique builds and where gear fits into it.

Likewise, Dark Zones in The Division 2 will be returning to a more simple “rogue” mechanic. “The focus is on rewarding player-to-player interaction, whether its fighting against each other or helping a fellow Agent against a tough Rogue player.” The Division 2’s second Raid, The Foundry, will also be going live in the game’s second year, free for all players.

Warlords of New York will bump the level cap from 30 to 40 (requires purchase of the expansion), but will also introduce a new infinite progression system that will give players meaningful reasons to keep playing in the endgame.

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Once the main campaign of Warlords of New York is complete, there’s still plenty more to do. The Division 2 is embracing the three-month seasonal model that many other live games are currently adopting. Starting one week after the launch of Warlords of New York, Seasonal Manhunts will expand on the ideas that are introduced in the main expansion. League Challenges, Global Events, and a seasonal Battle Pass (both free and premium tracks) will round out seasonal offerings.

The Division 2 Warlords of New York releases on March 3, 2020 for $30. New players can also get the Standard Edition, bundling The Division 2 with Warlords of New York for $40. The Ultimate Edition packages the base game and expansion with all of the Year 1 content, classified assignments, and unlocked specializations for $60. All versions include the Level 30 boosts so that new players can dive right into the new Warlords of New York campaign without having to level up in the base game.

Don’t miss our hands-on with Warlords of New York, and pick up The Division 2 for just $14.99 on Amazon to get ready for the upcoming expansion.

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