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Is the Division 2 Raid Impossible for Players on Consoles?

The console version of Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment’s looter shooter The Division 2 can’t catch a break lately. First, Ubisoft related to investors during an earnings call the dreaded “didn’t meet expectations” line for The Division 2. Now, the Division community is ablaze with drama over the new raid, Operation Dark Hours. Despite over 24 hours of communal strategy, streaming, and probably yelling, nobody playing on PS4 or Xbox One can beat the raid.

Earlier today, the official Division 2 Twitter account offered congratulations to the first squad of eight players to defeat Operation Dark Hours. The “World First” clear happened yesterday, only five hours after the raid launched. It was certainly a grueling five hours for this team, as even on PC the raid is extremely difficult.

Now, over 24 hours since the raid launched, not a single squad on consoles has been able to win. The leaderboard is completely blank, and the console playerbase isn’t happy.

According to a report from Kotaku, which gathered player testimonies from social media platforms such as Twitter and Reddit, the problem is simple. The wide gap in performance between the PC and console versions is causing a difficulty rift that so far, players are physically unable to deal with.

As noted in the report, much of the raid seems to require players to be able to make quick turns, something that is no problem with the faster frame rate and mouse controls of the PC version. Console The Division 2 players are inherently slower, causing most groups to get stuck on the raid’s first boss of four, The Boomer.

A quick look at the Division subreddit shows plenty of upset, gallows humor, and in-depth discussion on the raid. There’s even a thread petitioning the developers to prove themselves that the raid is beatable on consoles.

So far, it seems like Massive Entertainment hasn’t responded to the matter yet.

Source: Kotaku

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