The Division 2 Sale

The Division 2 Is Nearly Free on the PS Store Right Now, Get it For the Price of a Coffee

It’s not often a huge AAA game gets a 95% discount on digital storefronts, but that’s exactly the case with Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 right now. Both the PS4 and Xbox One versions are available on their respective digital stores for only $2.99 right now. That isn’t the only Division 2 discount you can take advantage of, though. The Gold Edition, which comes with added DLC is available for $14.99, while the Ultimate Edition is available for $17.99. You can also grab the game’s Year 1 Pass for $11.99, which will give you early access to all Year 1 Episodes, VIP status, cosmetics, and the ability to play eight Classified Assignments. Keep in mind, you can also get your hands on a physical copy of The Division 2 for $5 through GameStop (or support PSLS by buying it for $15 through Amazon).

The Division 2 came to PS4 in March 2019 and was one of the year’s bestselling games. Though, it under-performed according to Ubisoft, so much so, that its soft sales (among other factors) caused the company to delay many of its upcoming games to ensure quality. Critically, The Division 2 did well, with reviewers praising its cover-based third-person shooting, improvements upon the previous entry, and amount of content.

What do you think of The Division 2’s staggeringly low price right now? Is that enough to get you to jump in? Remember, the PS Store still has the Remasters & Retro Sale and the Critics’ Choice Sale you can take advantage of, as well.

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