DriveClub Game Director Left Evolution Studios in February

March 25, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


The news just keeps piling on for DriveClub and Evolution, with a new report from Videogamer revealing that DriveClub Game Director Col Rodgers left Evolution Studios in February to form Big Red Switch Games. As shown on Rodgers’ LinkedIn, Big Red Switch Games is “generating new IP and available for hire for licensed work across all platforms.”

According to the report, Rodgers said that his leaving had nothing to do with the layoffs revealed today, which included people being let go at Evolution Studios, Guerrilla Cambridge, and SCE London. It’s unclear at this point in time exactly who the new Game Director on DriveClub is.

Sony has yet to issue a separate response on Rodgers leaving Evolution Studios, but they did say earlier today that DriveClub would not be affected by the recent layoffs.

With this recent string of bad news surrounding DriveClub, how do you think the development is going? Let us know in the comments below.

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