Next PS4 Firmware Update is “Not Far Off, But Weeks Rather Than Days”

March 25, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


When we discovered Sucker Punch’s comments about pre-loading games becoming a PS4 feature in April (at least in North America), it let us know that we’d soon be able to download PS4 titles through the PlayStation Store before their release date, then have them playable as soon as they officially launch.

After being contacted about PS4 pre-loading by Polygon, Sony didn’t outright confirm Sucker Punch’s comments though, just saying that they are considering it and we should stay tuned for more info:

We know that it is the feature you’ve been asking for and we are considering it accordingly. We do not have specific details to announce at this point in time, but stay tuned for upcoming announcements about system updates and added features.

If PS4 pre-loading does happen, it may be a feature added with the upcoming 1.70 PS4 firmware update, which allows you to turn off HDCP and more. When Fred Dutton of the EU PS Blog was asked about a potential release date for more information about the new PS4 firmware, he said, “We’ll confirm details soon. Not far off, but weeks rather than days.”

Once we hear more information about PS4 pre-loading, firmware update 1.70, and the firmware update to allow light bar dimming, we’ll let you know.