The Catch-Up: April 25th, 2014 – Watch Mark Cerny Interview Shuhei Yoshida for 80 Minutes

April 25, 2014Written by Jason Dunning

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  • Following Killzone: Shadow Fall’s patch 1.14, a player card icon progression glitch was found, with Guerrilla Games working to fix it right now. Noting how “it will not affect your progress,” the glitch makes it appear as though your unlock count is reset. Basically, “This is only a menu glitch and it will not affect your progression.” [Source]
  • GameStop already leaked the details, but now Creative Director Jonathan Morin has confirmed that Watch Dogs will be getting a Season Pass, with more info next week. [Twitter]
  • Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley confirmed that H1Z1 will come to the PS4 “after PC.” [Twitter]
  • The patch to fix the issues in Terraria patch 1.2 on consoles has entered testing & QA. This means it should be available fairly soon. [Twitter]
  • The PS1 Classic Bust-a-Move 4 has been confirmed to release on April 29th in North America. [Twitter]
  • As part of a new Kickstarter update, The Girl and the Robot has been announced for PS4, in addition to Wii U and Steam. The Girl and the Robot is described as “a tale of an unlikely friendship about two imprisoned souls whose only hope of escape is to fight together.” [Via, Details About the Game]
  • Sony still hasn’t announced anything about the Ratchet & Clank Collection coming to PlayStation Vita, but that hasn’t stopped Amazon France from posting a listing for it, saying the release date is July 2nd. [Source]
  • Guess what? Thomas Was Alone has now sold 1 million copies across all platforms. [Twitter]
  • Bandai Namco Product Manager Dennis Lee spoke about the Tales Of franchise in a recent interview, saying, “We’ve put a lot of work into making sure that Japan and America get Tales of games right around the same time. With each game we’ve released, sales have increased, so we believe that fans have been going out and talking to other fans. With games coming out on a more periodic basis, I think it conveys [to new fans] that this isn’t just a one-off game, it’s not just another RPG.” Lee added, “Working with our community and fans has helped the audience to grow, and we’re delighted to see it taking off so well in the west.” Tales of Xillia 2 and Tales of Hearts R are scheduled release in 2014 out West. [Source]

New Videos

  • Set aside the next 80 minutes of your life to watch the full video of Mark Cerny interviewing Shuhei Yoshida back on April 10th:

  • Here’s the Watch Dogs Limited Edition getting unboxed:

Did you watch the whole interview?