Update to Fix Reported Issues Within Terraria Patch 1.2 “Is in the Works”

Following the release of patch 1.2 for Terraria on PS3, PS Vita, and Xbox 360 last week, many users began reporting problems once it was installed (if you’ve experienced any issues, report them here). Well, 505 Games is aware of your feedback and are hard at work on bringing out a new patch, as they announced on the forums:

Hello Terrarians,

We apologize for any issues that may have arisen from this weeks console update. Rest assured, it is an absolute priority for both Engine and 505 Games to push out a new patch to correct this as soon as we possibly can.

The patch for these issues is in the works and we hope to have a release date ASAP. However, we are doing our best to not rush it out in an effort to give us an opportunity to address as many issues as possible without causing further issues.

Elsewhere on the forums, 505 responded to some who asked “once the patch is live, what will happen to corrupted characters/worlds/storage?”:

My understanding is that if the world has not been loaded since the update, there should be no issue once we issue a new patch. However, if the world has been opened and it autosaved, or manually been saved, it will have overwritten the good save with bad data. I am not sure if this can be corrected at this moment, I hope to have some more details soon as the patch progresses.

Let’s wait until the patch progresses for more specifics as to what can and cannot be fixed. Best to wait as they may be able to rectify many issues as they go through the patching steps.

Have you had any problems with Terraria since installing patch 1.2? Let everyone know in the comments below.