Naughty Dog Explains Why They’re Handling The Last of Us’ PS4 Port

April 29, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


With The Last of Us: Remastered coming to PS4 in 2014, we found out earlier this month that development started on the new-gen port “pretty much as soon as we finished with the PlayStation 3 [version].” What Naughty Dog didn’t really explain at the time was why they’re handling the PS4 port of The Last of Us, rather than handing it off to another studio.

Shedding some light on their decision is Naughty Dog Community Manager Eric Monacelli, who told The Game Fanatics:

When The Last of Us wrapped on PS3 we had just started to get a handle on the PS4 architecture. Internally, we felt that bringing The Last of Us over to PS4 might teach us some things about how we could get our game engine to work on PS4, and in doing so, would help us understand the architecture better for future projects.

Also, The Last of Us for PS4 gives us a chance to provide a definitive version of the game in full 1080p with Left Behind and all core DLC included.

If only for allowing to developers to get to know the PS4 better before starting a new game, do you like the idea of PS3 games being ported to PS4? Let us know in the comments below.