Ask PSLS: Which PS3 Game(s) Would you buy a PS4 Port of?

With The Last of Us rumored to be getting a PS4 port, Tomb Raider already receiving a PS4 port, and Metro Redux coming to the PS4, it seems like PS3 to PS4 ports of games will be happening at least for a little while. To get everyone’s thoughts on new-gen ports of games, we asked the staff: Which PS3 game(s) would you buy a PS4 port of?

Anthony Severino – Finally Falling (@Sev_Anthony)

Yeah… I bought a PS4 to play PS4 games. The only exception to this rule may be The Last of Us, but otherwise only PS4 games, please. But if we’re talking about lesser games being ported to the PS4, I’ll take Titanfall.

Cameron Teague – Me Want Trophies

I feel the same as everyone else, but just to be a bit different, I will say Valkyria Chronicles with trophy support. Other than that, I want brand new PS4 experiences.

Chandler Wood – Yes? (@FinchStrife)

No. Just no. If you haven’t heard my opinion enough already on this in various comment sections and our forums, then here it is again: I am tired of the PS4’s first year being a rehash of the greatness of the PS3. Sure, it’s great for people who missed stuff, but as a day one adopter of the PS4, I am tired of hearing announcements for games being titles that I played last year. Tomb Raider PS4? Played it, platinumed it. The Last of Us PS4? Gimme a break.

Okay, some will say that they missed these experiences and this is a great way for them to get into them, but I say that the PS4 needs to stop being defined by prettier versions of PS3 games. If you want to experience PS3 games you missed, get a PS3 on the cheap or wait five to ten years for a viable HD remaster of the games, not a silly cash-grab that comes out a year later. PS4, stop defining yourself on the coattails of the PS3’s success stories.

D’yani Wood – PS4 Stay PS4

I only really want to play PS4 games on my PS4 so far. In a few years I’ll want to revisit some last gen stuff (note I used the words FEW and SOME). Maybe we should send this article to some game developers, huh?

Dan Oravasaari – He’s on the Edge (@FoolsJoker)

Obviously there seems to be a unanimous opinion of wanting new content on our new console, but personally, as long as it didn’t really wrap up too many resources, there are a few I’d still like to see. Even though we are eventually getting a reboot, I would love for another excuse to run through Mirror’s Edge, as I just love that game. The original Resistance title is also a game that I think could be interesting to see uprezzed, as it was a launch PS3 title and we have come so far visually since then. Past that, I could keep going, but if we are to see PS3 Super HD remakes, I just hope they space them out a bit from here on out.

Jason Dunning – Resistance is Uncharted (@Jasonad21)

There aren’t many single games I’d like to see ported to the PlayStation 4 (I probably would play The Last of Us again on PS4 though), but I do like the idea of bundling together 2 or 3 games from a series and bringing them to the new consoles. If they were to do this with Dead Space, Resistance, Uncharted, or a few others, I’d be very tempted to go back and play them again with improved graphics and performance.

John VanderSchuit – Hey You, Let’s Fight!

I want PS4 exclusives, not upgraded multiplats or ports of old exclusives. The new, current gen of consoles is so powerful, so I want new and better game experiences only available on PS4, not old games with new textures, lighting, and higher resolution.

Louis Edwards – Them’s Fightin’ Words!

Remakes or HD versions are great for the PS3 but I’m really hoping they don’t start doing them for the PS4. It is a pretty awesome machine, and uses a different architecture, so I’m really hoping that new versions of my personal favorite games show up on the machine. Fight Night and Mirror’s Edge would be awesome on the PS4 if they were brand new and not ported.

Which PS3 game(s) would you buy a PS4 port of? Let us know in the comments below.