Activision: Destiny Beta Starts in July 2014 on PS4 and PS3

Before Destiny launches on September 9th and tries to be the “best-selling new video game IP in history,” Activision confirmed in their recent financial reporting that the Destiny beta will start in July 2014. Since Bungie is partnering with Sony on parts of Destiny, the beta will appear first on PS4 and PS3, which you gain access to by pre-ordering the game.

During their investor earnings call yesterday (via Seeking Alpha), Activision CEO Bobby Kotick said, “Pre-orders for [Destiny] are tracking towards setting an industry record for a new franchise,” according to Activision Blizzard internal estimates.

Later in the call, Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision Publishing, was asked if “the performance of recent other next-gen releases gives you any hesitation with respect to the lack of a single-player mode for Destiny?” He replied:

As far as your question on Destiny, I think that the framing of your question actually plays to one of Destiny’s strengths, which is that it does have a single-player experience, and it has multiple different ways to play the game. So we’re not putting all our chips on multiplayer the way some others have been offering a wide variety of content and game modes. So no matter what way you like to play, Destiny has a great experience for you.

Hirshberg also said, “We look forward to showing you more at E3 with our great partner, Sony.” E3 2014 is also where Bungie will confirm the exact start date for Destiny’s beta.

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