Activision Expects Destiny to be the “Best-Selling New Video Game IP in History” & a Billion Dollar Franchise

Call of Duty going to a 3-year development cycle wasn’t the only big news to come from Activision yesterday through both their fourth quarter calendar year 2013 finacial results and earnings call, as Destiny was given some lofty expectations by the publisher.

As part of a statement in Activision’s financial results, CEO Bobby Kotick revealed, “We expect Bungie’s Destiny, an innovative shared-world, first-person action game to be Activision Publishing’s next billion dollar franchise.”

Continuing that thought of Destiny’s expected huge popularity on the Activision earnings call yesterday (via SeekingAlpha), Kotick said:

Destiny delivers a groundbreaking new universe, and it capitalizes on advances in connectivity to create an innovative shared world action-experience. We expect that Destiny will become the best-selling new video game IP in history when it launches across Xbox and PlayStation consoles on September 9th.

For a little more Destiny news, it was confirmed that the beta will go live this summer.

Kotick also mentioned how they have “several new games” coming in 2014, including new Skylanders and Call of Duty titles in Q4 2014. Even though this year’s Call of Duty will be headed by Sledgehammer, Kotick called it “perhaps the best Call of Duty game ever created.”

Do you think Destiny will be the new biggest new IP in history? Can they really make this year’s Call of Duty the best ever? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.