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destinycompanionupdate1 & Destiny Companion App Updated

Bungie reduced the number of Destiny BEE, FLY, & LION errors by 50%.

Game of the Month September 14

Game of the Month and Must-Plays – September 2014

It’s your destiny to craft the ultimate shadow of velocity.


Destiny Update 1.0.2 Out Now, Here’s All the Patch Notes

Control and Clash match time limits have been reduced on Bastion and First Light.

Destiny First impressions

Destiny Farming Video Shows Infinite Spinmetal and Endless Chests

No wait for enemies to respawn or committing in-game suicide to do this.

destiny server error

Destiny and Call of Duty Servers Impacted By DDoS Attack During the Weekend

Lizard Squad… ugh.


Taco Bell & PlayStation Team to Give Away Over 4,000 PS4s Again

This time it’s the Destiny PS4 bundle being offered.


Destiny Glitch Reveals Future DLC Details (Update)

Info on The Dark Below and House of Wolves.

Destiny Paul McCartney Theme Song

Destiny’s Soundtrack is Available for Purchase on iTunes

$9.99 for the album.


Destiny Patch 1.0.2 to Overhaul Engram System, Rolling Out Next Week

Your screams have been heard, Guardians!


Bungie: Destiny Loot Farming Won’t Get You Banned

They also respond to negative feedback received for Destiny.

Destiny Fireteam

Destiny Events Salvage & Iron Banner Detailed & Dated by Bungie

Get Legendary Iron Banner Gear as a reward.

Destiny Header

Destiny Loot Cave Discovered in Old Russia

Bungie didn’t get them all.


Destiny Xur Location for September 26 and Items for Sale Revealed, Exotic Auto Rifle is Available

An Exotic auto rifle is up for sale!


Future Destiny Updates Will Address Weapon Balancing Issues, Voice Chat, the Cryptarch, & More

Exotic Weapons weren’t designed to break the game.


Destiny Update Live, Addresses Treasure Cave Farming Exploit & More

You’ll need to log in again once returning to orbit.


Destiny Didn’t Beat Watch Dogs’ Launch in Western Europe, Says Ubisoft

Destiny still won worldwide.


Destiny Farming Video Shows the Results of 11 Hours of Work With Over 11,000 Kills – See the Results

Lots of engrams! But are they any good? Check for yourself.


Bungie Outlines Destiny Queen’s Wrath Event

Prove yourself, Guardian.


New Destiny Update Today Reduces Some Mission Difficulty, Fixes Vault of Glass Issues (Update)

Dropping the relic at the end of the raid will no longer result in a team wipe.

Level 30 Destiny

First Level 30 Destiny Character Appears, Took 107 Hours to Get There

That’s a lot of hours.