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Bungie Sheds Light on Raids in Destiny, Explains Difficulty, Looting and More

Not long to go now!


Bungie: Until You’ve Kicked Every Single Ass That Plays Destiny, You Haven’t “Finished” It

You can’t really “finish” online shooters, right?

Destiny 1

People Really Want Beards in Destiny, Says Bungie

“That’s like wow, really? This is the big topic that people are talking about coming out of the beta?”


Destiny Download Size for PS4 Revealed, PlayStation-Exclusive Content Trailer Shoots Out

Reserve over 17GB of space for Destiny!


Bungie’s Future to be “All About Destiny,” Developing Parallel Projects Unlikely

“Nothing better than the entire focus of the studio to do something really ambitious,” says Bungie.


Activision CEO Says Destiny’s Delay Earlier Was the “Right Decision”

First impression is the last impression.

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Destiny PS4 Exclusive Items Shown Off and Listed

See guns, gears and ships.


Destiny Has a “Different World at Launch, But Not Entirely Unfamiliar” When Compared to the Beta

There were certain things in the beta you shouldn’t be getting so early.

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September 2014 PS4, PS3, & PS Vita New Releases in North America & Europe

Are you ready for Destiny?


Destiny Won’t Have Player-to-Player Item Trading at Launch

“We want you to earn ‘em.”

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Destiny Servers to Switch on “as Soon as It’s September 9 Somewhere”

You can play the game early.

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Destiny Goes Gold, Prepare to Defend the Galaxy

The most pre-ordered game is finally ready!


White PlayStation 4 Destiny Bundle Unboxed, and It’s Beautiful

White is the new black.


Destiny PS4 Bundle Gets a Price Cut in UK

It’s the perfect time to pick up Sony’s PlayStation 4.


Bungie Not Worried About Destiny Not Having Enough Game Content

Bungie doesn’t “understand” how people can have that concern, and adds they don’t think there’s anything to get “worried about.”


Destiny Launch Trailer Rolls Out Brings the Hype

Destiny releases soon and Activision wants you to know about it.

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Bungie: Character Supers Can be Countered in Destiny PvP

One of these counters is a shotgun blast to the face.


Destiny Trailer Gives Us a Look at Venus and New Enemies

Check out one of the bosses you’ll be fighting in Destiny’s Venus level!

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Destiny’s First DLC ‘The Dark Below’ Will Have “Its Own Story”

It has a little bit of everything.


gamescom 2014: Destiny Multiplayer Trailer Revealed, First DLC “The Dark Below” Given Release Window (Update)

Check out how the other competitive modes will look like in Destiny!