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Watch Destiny Raid “The Vault of Glass” Completed in Under Two Hours

Two hours for bromen is enough.


Destiny Vendor “Xur” is in a New Location, Items for Sale This Week Listed

Five Exotic items for sale but some are character-specific.


Report: UK PS4 Sales Increased 300% During Destiny Launch Week

Outsold Xbox One 2:1.


Combined Arms & The Queen’s Wrath Destiny Events Detailed

Combined Arms features vehicular combat.


Bungie Developers Joining Destiny Crucible Matches, Can Win Prize If You Beat Them

Let’s get ‘em!


PSLS Live: Destiny Live Stream (Offline)

Level 26/26/25


Destiny: How Hype & Marketing Trump Review Scores

Could AAA games and its marketing budget make reviews obsolete? Read on how Destiny might be shaking things up.


Destiny Becomes Twitch’s Biggest Console Launch of 2014

People watched nearly 240 million minutes of gameplay.

Destiny Ogre

Destiny PS4 Software Launch Now the Biggest One to Date

“single biggest PS4 hardware sales week since Christmas 2013!”

BG 87

Bad Gamers: 87 – Balanced Games and Destiny Tips and Tricks

The worst guardians ever.

Destiny Header

Report: Destiny Review Scores Might Cost Bungie Millions in Bonuses

Seems Bungie won’t be getting that $2.5 million bonus.


Destiny Farming Videos Show the Easiest Method to Earn Engrams and Glimmer

These should help you raise your character’s Light!


Japanese Sales Chart: PS4 Gets a Big Sales Boost Thanks to Destiny

But the week belongs to Super Smash Bros.


Destiny Sells $325 Million to Consumers Worldwide in First Five Days, Over 100 Million Hours Played

A rough estimate places Destiny sales at over 5 million.


Destiny Hotfix Doubles the Amount of Public Events

There’s also some fixes for game crashes and more.


First Destiny Raid Began Today, Combined Arms & Queen’s Wrath Events Dated

“The Raid will demand that you operate as a team.”

Michael Pachter

Michael Pachter Thinks Consoles Will Soon be Outdated

Oh, Michael.


New Destiny Update Released, Helps Fix Centipede Error (Update)

Hopefully we’ll get full patch notes soon.


Bungie: Destiny Launch Was Just the Start, Now “The Real Work Begins”

Bungie is working hard on fixing all the bugs.


Bungie: After 20 Hours in Destiny, Players Will Find That It’s Evolved to a Whole Different Kind of Game

“They’ll find that they’re immersed in a different world.”