Fortnite x Destiny Event

Fortnite x Destiny Event Features Guardian Skins and Javelin-4 Creative Map

The Fortnite x Destiny event has simultaneously been revealed and launched. Destiny fans can now drop some V-Bucks on three key characters from the Destiny universe, as well as Ghosts, a Sparrow, and some swords.

Fortnite x Destiny skins, swords, and Ghosts

Dataminers have uncovered a number of Fortnite x Destiny cosmetic items in the recent update. These feature three of the game’s main characters, a couple of Ghosts, swords, and more.

@iFireMonkey on Twitter posted the full list of items, which includes:

  • Targe Ghost
  • Ophiuchus Ghost
  • Pouka Ghost
  • Commander Zavala Skin
  • Ikora Rey skin
  • Exo Stranger skin
  • Investigate emote
  • Sparrow glider
  • Black Talon pickaxe
  • Crown-Splitter pickaxe
  • The Lament pickaxe

The Sparrow glider will be available in a range of different colors. What’s more, bundles for all of the skins and all of the swords are also expected to drop in the Item Shop.

Players shouldn’t have to wait long for the Item Shop to have refreshed to include the new Destiny items.

Fortnite x Destiny Javelin-4 Creative Map

The Fortnite x Destiny Javelin-4 Creative Map has been made by TeamPWR. This custom map takes the fan-favorite Destiny 2 Crucible map of the same name and recreates it within Fortnite.

Using map code “0642-9767-7225”, players can try their hands at Guardian Zone Control, which tasks both sides with being the first team to reach the 200 score limit in the 5v5 match.

To play the Destiny map in Fortnite, players must:

  1. Add the island to your playlist from here.
  2. Boot up Fortnite and change the selected game mode to “Discover.”
  3. Check “My Playlist” for the Javelin-4 map that you recently added.

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