Homefront: The Revolution Announced for PS4, Arrives in 2015

Since snatching up the rights from THQ, Crytek has been hard at work on a sequel to Homefront, which has been officially announced as Homefront: The Revolution. Co-published by Crytek and Deep Silver and developed by Crytek Nottingham, The Revolution will be out in 2015 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, and Linux.

Described as a “free-roaming FPS,” this new entry in the Homefront series takes place in Philadelphia, which has become a police state after the Korean People’s Army occupied the United States. Using guerrilla warfare, you’ll battle through “un-scripted firefights,” while also recruiting other people to join the resistance.

There won’t just be a single player component to The Revolution, as the game supports up to four players in online co-op, allowing you to form your own resistance cell and become heroes of the revolution.

Hasit Zala, Game Director at Crytek, had this to say:

Homefront: The Revolution stands out from the crowd by immersing players in a world where they’ll feel emotionally compelled to fight for their freedom. We’re very excited to work with Deep Silver and deliver an experience that underlines Crytek’s commitment to quality whilst tapping into the huge potential we saw when we first acquired the Homefront IP.

Homefront: The Revolution will take advantage of the latest CRYENGINE features, allowing for day/night cycles, storms clouds coming and going, and more lifelike expressions, skin, and clothing.

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